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    FAQ:Staff/Membe levels/Code


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    FAQ:Staff/Membe levels/Code Empty FAQ:Staff/Membe levels/Code

    Post by Dragongirl on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:54 pm

    Yes I know due to the move the info is currently mess up.

    Admin: The main leaders of the forum.
    Co-Admin: Assistant leaders of the forum.
    Forest Protector: Basically the global Moderators of the forum.
    Game Guardian:Watches over the game/RPG/Stories/Contests going on (Basically Game/Story/Contest Moderator)
    Hatchery Guardian: Watch over the Hatcheries and sort them as needed. They also will watch over the Trade area too.
    Crafters: The forums official Artist. Other normal member can create graphic/Banners for the site too.
    Retired Guardian:People who where on staff that have left us to some extent.
    Head admin and leader for the site.
    Note: I've have made a test account so I can see the board the way normal members do in case there are any glitches.
    Admin test accounts:Cherry (Dragongirl),
    (This will be done once I'm sure the move is really needed and things are re-set up.)

    Forest Protector:
    Hatchery Guardian:
    Game Guardian:
    Retired Guardian:
    Member Levels (Coming soon)
    Okay I know not all of you might not be able to understand my codes. So I' going to create a code list for you.
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    RL: Real life

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