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    Post by Dragongirl on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:15 pm

    Hi my name iss Miya
    I'm a Daydream dragon though I've learned to control my power and will only use them if asked or provoked.

    Dragongirl suggested I note this down as this is a Major event for both of us. As she was talking to me she asked me something I did not except here to was to take up Official role as the Cave Dragon Leader.

    Considering I'm not her first dragon but she said the older ones she spoke to are fine with it. I nod and agreed to become the Cave's Dragon Leader. it the ceremony will be tonight. Hay I have an idea.

    *Dragongirl do you mind if I chose a second in command like you mention earlier.*

    "Of course lot of people have second in commanded I total forgot about that. So did you deiced already." Dragongirl said.

    As she walks into the room.

    *I want to ask Sihar if she will be the second in command as she is the one helping you with magic when you are here.*

    "Of course it make sense and you to do get along well so I say go ask here I call here in. Sihar!" Dragongirl said.

    A orange Magi dragon came into the room and faced Miya

    *As you know some cave have a Dragon leader Dragongirl said she wants me to be the Dragon leader for her Cave. I said yest then I got this idea which Dragongirl is fine with is for someone to be second in command. As your my best friend and you are spending a bit of time teaching Dragongirl magic I though it would be best to ask you to be second in command*

    The Magi Drag eyes are wide eye in shock.

    *I would be honored to be your second in command.*

    "Great we will do the ceremony tonight I've already set us up in the party room. Easy since magic is all around here." Dragongirl said.

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