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    Ad reporting Empty Ad reporting

    Post by Dragongirl on Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:36 pm

    I am aware a lot of the ads, especially the pop-up ads are sketchy. Be careful with those ads and don't click anything in them not even allow.
    I highly recommend if you are able to do so to add an AdBlocker extension to your browser. I'm trying to take care of much of the reporting myself as I can but I'm having some complications.

    Periodically there are ad problems that come up. This is the place to report them if you can get screenshots and links that would be helpful too:

    Use this:
    - Your country:
    - Date and time when the ad appears:
    -Type: (Pop up, banner top, Banner bottom)
    - Where you logged in to the forum:
    - Device and version:
    - Browser and version:
    -  URL of the ad:
    - Image location (if applicable):
    - Screenshot(s) of the Ad:
    - Comments:

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