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    Z Vamp Egg And It's Z Friends


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    Z Vamp Egg And It's  Z Friends Empty Z Vamp Egg And It's Z Friends

    Post by Dragongirl on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:14 pm

    May 3 2010, 01:56 PM
    I deiced to try to do a Z vamp again realizing I had not done any vamp biting in awhile. To my shock the 1st attempt Z egg too work it in the hatchery now.

    For the first time in the week I was actually able to smile, I was actually laughing too. I just managed to make a
    Z Vamp. I deiced to influence female. Somehow I randomly picked Z'Ha'iku for the influencing portion.
    I thought that was funny once I notice what I had done. So I deiced to do it on purpose since I knew I had a Z red.

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