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    History of Friendly Forest


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    History of Friendly Forest

    Post by Dragongirl on Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:25 am

    This was put together in a scramble on December 12, 2009 on Invsionfree. As a precaution to keep my info safe after losing it once during a suspicious time. Let's just say back then I was on a DC fan-site that was a bit unfriendly and as a result I lost a lot of info due to rushing off to deal with Real Life. This was before I realized I could do some stuff on my smartphone.

    Early in 2013 I decided to upgrade to Zetaboard unaware of the issues with image count that would have. Once it got upgraded I realized the image issues would not allow me to continue with the way I was doing the list there. I reported the issues, hoping they would fix it but even with the back and forth I'm had been doing. I became a bit desperate and decided to move the site in what could have been a temporary move. However it looks like Zetaboatd can't handle the image load unlike other forums (which I think is very odd it was fine on Invsionfree. So I'm starting to think there more to it then that). So Forumotion will become the new permanent home of Friendly Forest.

    Edit on September 1st, 2013: Zetaboard folks did not seems to care that we are moving. So the move become permanent. I will be redoing a lot of the graphic so it's more compatible with Forumotion. Hopefully this will be the only move and that no more issues will happen again.

    For people on Invisionfree thinking of updating to Zetaboard  but have a lots of image in one post. I would advice you not upgrade (unless they do away with the 100 image per post lint). Though if you feel you need the captch/shoutbox not sure if there a new one for Invasionfree yet. I would strongly recommend you move the site to Forumotion it has the Captch and shout box without the silly image limitations that I know of. Hence why I decided to move here. The only downside is the subform are below the main form but I'm sure there is a way to fix that which I'll deal with eventually. The move was a pain for me to do. However I say it's worth doing it for what I need. Another good forum server is Proboards and looking at the support forums they appear to be fast at responding. An online buddy of mines has a site on there and like here there is no known image limit.

    Some more info I've notice about Invisionfree and Zetaboards:
    1. Poor support well trying to upgrade to Zetaboard from Invisionfree it took 6+ month for it to happen.
    2. No warning on losing image space after upgrade.
    3. Not telling the full truth. I think there is more to it then just the server/database can't handle the image load stuff. All other free forums I found can handle the load fine. Plus there was no image limit on Invsionfree.

    I also gave them more then ample time to redeem themselves and get me to move back. However they decided it's best to lose this site and probably other now that I've told you the truth.

    Edit September 9th 2013: Note: I just became aware that due to the rush of stuff the Homepage name got typoed I am working on finding out how to fix it. Wish I had registered the support account sooner. Hopefully without having to redo to much stuff. I'm getting kind of tired and am hoping I will not have to do it a third time.

    Edit part 2: I've figured out how to fix the homepage name myself. I stumbled into it, looking at some other settings and have done so hopefully no more of the misspelled friendly are in here anymore.

    Edit: 10/20/13
    I am still waiting on confirmation of my support account in case it's every needed. Hopefully for now I can figure small problems out on my own.

    Seems like some confusion on settings or a glitch in the support forum. I have on last idea that hopefully will resolve it. Otherwise I'll see if I can manage without support forum accesses there. It seem right now it's possible to solve most issues on my own it just take a bit of longer and a lot of looking around.

    Edit: 10/29/13: No response yet look like I'm on my own for now till we find Mods for the site. Hopefully one of them can get in and help with support forum stuff.

    Edit: 11/3/13:
    Finally I got my support account working, had to use the old variation of Dragongirl02 though and the secondary e-mail too. Hopefully they can get what's is keeping the real e-mail "hostage" (not sure what else to call it) fixed so I can switch it to the one this site uses before I confuse myself badly.
    Though it look like this is the new home as fare as I can tell everything should work okay now. Zetaboard/Invsionfrees version is going bye-bye 12-1-13 this is way better. As for getting the buttons and stuff compatible here that might have to wait till the Holidays I'm just going to take it one step at a time it will get done though.

    Okay one of the support Admin people on the help forum is  being unhelpfully and did not seem to read the PMs fully. I'm considering asking the other admins for help if it worth it. We will stay here but I'll just do support myself it may take longer but normally I can figure it out in a few days. (added 1/18/14 and only really use the help account if I can't do it on my own or it's a bug.)

    I went through with it Zetaboards's Friendly Forest version is gone for good. I deleted that  board's version like I warned theme I would. Forumotion is going to be the new home hopefully permanently. The only con is support trouble. Like they say "the Pros outweigh the Cons".


    I know it has been awhile but yest the site still around. Have more time to tinker with stuff now and fully get it running as it should be. Some adjustment being planed.
    Changing the default theme name to day and working on a night theme. For people that prefer darker colored. Though first thing first let me get the icons fixed.

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